Driving Change Together: Teddy Volkswagen Partners with Team For Kids for the New York Road Runners Marathon

Teddy Volkswagen is demonstrating a commitment that goes beyond business transactions. By sponsoring Team For Kids in the New York Road Runners Marathon, they're showcasing a dedication to community impact and youth empowerment.

Team For Kids, the charity running team affiliated with New York Road Runners, has a noble mission: to empower young people through running. Through their initiatives providing free or low-cost health and fitness programs nationwide, they're fostering not just physical activity but also essential life skills like goal-setting, perseverance, and teamwork. Teddy Volkswagen's support is instrumental in advancing this mission.

The New York Road Runners Marathon is an event of global renown, drawing participants from diverse backgrounds to conquer the iconic 26.2-mile course through the heart of New York City. Among these runners, Team For Kids stands out for the tangible impact they're making in the lives of youth.

For Teddy Volkswagen, their sponsorship of Team For Kids signifies more than just brand visibility—it represents an investment in tomorrow's leaders. By backing Team For Kids, they're supporting children who may lack access to organized sports and fitness programs, fostering the growth of future community champions, and contributing to a healthier future for all.

Here's to Teddy Volkswagen, Team For Kids, and all those who are committed to creating meaningful change, step by step.